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In this period of a great transition where next-generation ideas are for a better society.I want to do my bit too...and as a PR practitioner, my articles are a start for eco-friendly ideas and I write anything which catches my attention like the Royal wedding .
As a community coordinator(social media) for a business school.
You can find my writings in this blog on communication,business and creativity as well. Please share your insights on this blog .What if we can all share them,post them and make this world a better place.

Tuesday 13 December 2011

Social Innovation is the deal!.

It’s a green world! My eco-imagination is reality. The need is ‘Social Innovation’ which will find creative ways to resolve various issues such as Global warming, Hunger, Unemployment and many more.

This century reckons focusing on community investment and a great transition for next-generation ideas to a better society. The soap operas change into an organic natural element which will enhance the environment. This fresh aura invigorates in me to contribute my bit to help these innovators in sustainability and some eco-friendly tips to start off:

  •   Leave the car at home and use the bus, bike, train, or walk.

  • Turn off all non-essential electrical appliances (this means the TV, video, computer and mobile phone) -you can do it for just one day.
  • Buy a packet of seeds and plant some herbs to grow on the kitchen window sill or re-seed the lawn.
  • Buy some lemon juice and use it to clean your floor and bathroom (it’s great on lime scale, and for polishing mirrors).
  • Cook a whole meal from scratch – buy local fresh ingredients and see how creative you can be without opening a can or pack.
  • Have a shower instead of a bath.
  • Treat yourself to a good book and take the day off for some ‘me’ time, read, take a leisurely walk and spoil you.
  • Pledge to replace your light bulbs with low energy ones.
  • Fill a plastic bag with water, tie the top off & place in your loo cistern to save an extra litre or so when you flush.
  • Buy a native fruit tree to plant in your garden.
‘What if’ every inhabitant adopts a new way of living which will protect the biosphere and the leaders of business eco-system bring in the best quality of life to its stakeholders, customers and you and me?
Anitha Lakshminarayanan

Sunday 2 October 2011

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